Follow or Unfollow

Last week, I received four notifications on new followers, and that was awesome. I’m always happy when I get new followers, it makes my day (almost as much as comments and likes, just throwing it out there, you know, just in case).

I average around eight new followers a week, so you might be wondering what made those four so special. Well, according to WordPress, I was already following them.

Let me connect the dots, if I may (This is gonna turn into a Harsh Reality type of post, isn’t it? Oh hell yes).

Dot 1) At some point in time, those four people followed me (or I followed them first, doesn’t really matter), and as always, that was awesome. We connected, we followed each other. Cue to more awesomeness.

Dot 2) Fast forward a few months/days, and I get a notification that those people, who were already following me, just started following me.


Look, it’s fine to unfollow me. At some point, you thought what I had to say wasn’t cool, or interesting, or maybe you were offended. Hey, it happens. No one can please everyone. It’s life, and I’m super cool with that.

But if you didn’t like what I had to say and unfollowed me, why did you follow me back?

Oh wait, you’re adding people randomly and then unfollowing them to increase your followers/following rate, aren’t you?

Sorry, but this is not fucking Twitter. Your shitty social media gimmicks don’t work here. And I don’t tolerate this kind of shit.

So you just earned an eternal unfollow, assholes.

You’re welcome.

100 thoughts on “Follow or Unfollow

  1. another possibility is someone like me that’s trying to learn the settings. I’ve done some changes and then wondered what the hell I did to unfollow someone. there’s no PM button that I can click to let them know that I screwed up and please forgive me.

    a feature that I would like to see is a comparison between who I’m following versus who is following me. I think it’s fair that if someone is following me then I should follow in return or consider it at the very least. I don’t think that’s asking too much from anyone to do the same for my following them. maybe I’m off base on this and expecting too much but it seems like common courtesy to me.

  2. There are times when someone drops from my following list for no apparent reason. Usually I have no idea when or why they vanished so I add them back. As to your four I have no idea but maybe you could ask them directly and see what they say?

  3. I’ve had people unfollow me by accident and they actually will comment on my blog about that. Then there are others who follow, then unfollow for no apparent reason. I had never understood it and used to get annoyed by it.

  4. Following blogs is all well and good – it’s when the bloggers blog every 20 secs and you get a million updates a day that it does my nut in… thankfully I discovered the notification settings 😀

  5. I’m like the other commenter I may have accidentally unfollowed you but it was a total accident. You are a super cool smart ass, and I’m in the smart ass hall of fame so of course I look forward to your rants!

  6. I don’t know – WordPress acts kind of funky when it comes to some of my follows. I never unfollow anyone. Yet sometimes in the “suggested blogs to follow” column, I see blogs there that I know 100% I have already followed. I must have followed the same blog at least 10 times but it never seems to register that I’m following it and I have no idea why.

  7. I think you followed me first. I wasn’t sure. But I’m trying to follow less people. I followed a lot of people initially on WordPress because I wanted to interact with the community and honestly was going to give those blogs a chance. The ones I would skip… were the blogs that were TOO MUCH all about religion, and also the blogs 100% focused on makeup products. But if those religious blogs also talked about other aspects of life, or those makeup blogs talked about TV shows n’ current events once in a while too…. I’d give them a shot.

    But then I had a couple hundred blogs, and my reader was churning out such garbage. If I see a post about a makeup product, there’s nothing THERE for me in that entire post! A religious blogger I liked posted a poem with references to the bible. If you didn’t know the bible well, you got nothing out of the poem. Why did I do that to myself? I realized I should only follow a blog if every nearly post is something I have a chance at being interested in. Not just once in a while. It’s just not a good use of time. So I’ve been unfollowing the moment I see a post that’s obviously not for me.

    You can imagine how I certainly am iffy about following NEW blogs, at least for now. So a simple follow on my own blog? That’s appreciated, and I’ll try not to let you down! I think I work my butt off on my blog posts, so I don’t feel “guilty” at all for not following back. It’s free high-quality cute cat stories 🙂 What I did like a lot… was the interaction. You’re spunky and easy to read, and I need more of that. So although I’m not sure what you write about entirely, I felt it’d be a good thing if I saw your writing appear in my reader. So I followed.

    Now if you don’t mind, I have another religious zealot to unfollow.

  8. and there is a glitch with wordpress…. people get auto unfollowed, it’s a pain in the backside , sometimes I have to go back and re follow a blog 3 or 4 times before it stays following, this is happening to a lot of people, so that could be the reason why people are following and then unfollowing then refollowing multiple times

  9. I’m not sure how you knew that they had followed you previously? Did you recognize the names or did you assume that since you followed them they must have, at some point, followed you?

  10. There are really people who would follow you in hopes that you would follow them back. However, once you followed them, they would unfollow you and move on. I usually don’t follow back bloggers if they just followed my blog without even liking or commenting on one my post first. Why would they follow me anyway if they didn’t even “liked” my posts? Though in some cases, I gave others the benefit of the doubt, follow them back and see what would happen…

    Or maybe, WP is going haywire again and force people to unfollow blogs. This happened to me a few times already. Though when I refollow the blog that WP graciously unfollowed for me, I would let the blogger know what happened. I think that that’s the polite way of doing it.

  11. That’s like when people like a blog post of yours just to get attention, when you know they clearly haven’t read it. That one irks me more than anything. I mean, as bloggers we put time and effort into our work. So for them just to like it so we’ll look at theirs is quite aggravating!

  12. I like it when people get angry. It’s so cathartic. A couple of days ago I went through my list of people I’m following and conducted a cull. Victims included perennial peddlers of bullshit advice, bloggers who never post anything, bloggers I regularly like and comment on but never see them on my blog, and bloggers I followed because they followed me even though their blogs are about nothing I’m interested in (I was swept away by faux flattery).

    But I see your contributions to my blog posts so there won’t be any unfollowing from me, unless this WordPress glitch people keep mentioning comes swooping by my dashboard.


    ps You’re right, WordPress isn’t Twitter, so will people stop putting hashtags in their blog post titles. Put the hashtags in your tweets, you lazy bastards.

  13. Yeah that’s the most annoying part about Twitter where people just follow you to get follows back, which really doesn’t make any sense. I’ve seen that happen somewhat on WordPress too, but regardless no one’s reader participation rate is 100%. It is still annoying though when people pull the follow/unfollow deal to get more readers. Doesn’t help the community at all.

  14. Hi, nice to meet you! Thanks for following my 2 blogs. I enjoyed your blog post a lot – I hate some guys who post every two seconds, use hashtags on their titles, have teratitles with every possible word, still I give them a shot, they might change in time, who knows. It pisses me off the guy that thinks that I’ m following his/her blog just because their blog is the greatest, so they don’t follow back! 😀
    I admit I follow randomly – I expect to be followed back – but if it doesn’t happen, life goes on – I have met the most interesting bloggers this way! See you…

  15. Im sure you heard this but its the tablets fault. I use it for all my wordpress, in the starts section it shows whos following me, so from time to time I like to check out an older blog and see if there’s anything new, instead of hitting the persons name, or when scrolling down, I will hit the unfollow button. And I wont notice until I see nothing new from the person after awhile. Faulty technology, it just happens.

  16. I’ve sometimes unfollowed people by accident and it takes me a while to notice (including my own blog – yes I follow myself!). The idea of deliberately following people to lure them in and then unfollow just sounds ridiculous, especially if they are dumb enough to then refollow down the road. I’d rather have smaller follower numbers of people who actually read my blog occasionally than millions I just skip each day.

    Anyhoo, I not only deliberately follow you I’ve actively nominated you for the Liebster Award, which you can accept or not your call – I know these things aren’t for everyone, but if you want to get involved info can be found here :

  17. I am constantly amazed and baffled at the Machiavellian games lurking beneath (behind?) all these social media things, especially because my own interactions are just one step up from hitting the internet with a sharp rock. So thank you for pointing this out, I think, and definitely thank you for following my blog.

  18. I personally know pressing ‘like’, can easily happen. I sometimes Like my page on occasion. Then I get a little grotesque because someone liked my shit. Really. So, when I realize that it was me that liked my own page. I think to myself… ah fucker.

  19. It must be coz of some shitty bug.. WP has been getting a lot of em lately O.o Thank God I’m not one of those who “accidently” unfollowed you :O

  20. Sometimes it’s WordPress app fault in releasing the crappy app without keeping attention to detail. Big vendor big developer with small professionalism compared with other unknown indie developer.

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