Another Award, Yasssss!

There’s this awesome award going around called The Dragon’s Loyalty Award (I mean, dragon. I rest my case.) I’ve been nominated by the lovely Precarious Writer (The blog’s name alone should motivate you to check her out.)

So, I have to share seven different facts about myself (rules follow at the end of the post.) All right.

So, if this were C.S. she’d write a bunch of deep, interesting writerly stuff, and she’d probably mention Malala, because Malala is awesome and we need to help her change the world. 

But I’m crazy and superficial, so, without further adue:


1. I’m Batman. No, seriously, I am, and this lame assface here is Bruce Wayne.

2. I cannot stand Nicki Minaj. Or the Kardashians.

3. I wanna braid Brock O’Hurn’s hair.

4. Imagine Dragons is one of the best bands out there. Ah, look at that! Dragons again. I’m awesome.

5. My best friend looks a bit like Amy Schumer. But maybe that’s because she’s white and blond, and all white and blond people look the same to me.

6. Does anyone feel like nachos? I always feel like nachos.

7. Tina Fey is my spirit animal.

Now, I’m supposed to nominate 15 people. That’s a lot and I’m lazy, so here’s ten:












Anyway, here’s more Brock for you.


Here are the rules for the award!

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is meant to acknowledge those who regularly read and comment on your blog. The rules for it are pretty simple:
–Show off your achievement by displaying the award.
–Link back to the person who bestowed this award upon you.
–Nominate up to 15 of your regular readers (less than 15 is just fine, though).
–Let them know that they’ve been nominated.
–Share 7 interesting facts about yourself.

(I just wanted to be able to cross off all the items.)

31 thoughts on “Another Award, Yasssss!

  1. Luna appreciates the award and will allow you to gaze upon her tail from 50 meters away, next time you’re in the area. But propagating the award? No time! Have to get ready for my vacation… Flying to Copenhagen on Friday, then Stockholm by train!

      • Luna won’t be there. I guess that means you can cancel your flight because you don’t care about me and probably not my wife either. Luna is attending a veterinary medicine conference in Zurich. She got a free flight by volunteering as a test subject.

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I have already done The Dragon’s Loyalty Award already, but I will give you a shout-out in the post. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Well, I am grateful that I keep my feathers numbered for just such an occasion! Thank you ever so for not only the nod but using the magic eraser to release me from the duties therein of accepting such an honor. However, here are 7 quick things: 1) I have been blonde AND white 2) I ❤ me some Imagine Dragons 3) nachos are a food group 4) I listen to Mozart while writing 5) Mozart never listened to me while writing 6) I'm collecting dust to send to clean people 7) pretzels are twisted

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  5. I am always up for cheesy nachos 😀 I like how you placed that exclamation after everyone’s name. Thank you for the nomination. Presently I am award-free but thank you once again for considering me

  6. Talking of motivation I was motivated to check out this Brock chap. Is he famous? At least 60 seconds on his Facebook and I’m still none the wiser. A fitness expert? Anyhoo hows the old blogging going? I noticed you left your blog details on my introductions post, is there anything I can do to help your blogging progress?

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