44 thoughts on “666 Followers

  1. Yes, I got one! Much obliged, sir.
    I guess I can sleep tonight…but hey, keep the following love, ya’ll, I don’t mind : P

    Hey look at that. It only took me five minutes to get a new follower and save my soul.
    You guys rock!

  2. Hey, you have 432 followers just now, if you reverse 432 (234) and add it to 432, then you will also get the number of the beast 🙂

    432 + 234 = 666

  3. Princess of BIG KINGDOM,
    Slowly but very steadily you are expanding your kingdom, crossing various borders, exploring new avenues…………………………
    Recently, I too cross 100 mark so your success will be source of inspiration for me
    To those who will follow your blog you will send imaginary chocolate but those who are already following what about that,
    Please send me Very cool,calm and passionate Virtual Hug on my blog, eagererly awaiting your arrival……………

  4. So happy to find another very cool blog! I love your writing and actually, I am very jealous. I wish I could lighten up enough to say what is really on my mind! Thank you for the giggles!

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