Letters to Myself – Part One

Dear Future Me,

This is you from the past. Obviously.

I hope you’re reading this as you sit by the pool in your mansion in Tuscany, while a shirtless Chris Hemsworth fans you with giant peacock plumes.

Oh, Future Me, I have so many questions…Has Facebook shared Myspace’s fate yet? Has Google taken over our souls, and most importantly, has Justin Bieber grown a beard?(Just kidding, we both know that one will never happen.)

By the way, no one has created a TV show about the adventures of a young Captain Jean-Luc Picard, have they?

Of course they haven’t.



Look, you need to write the series yourself, and it doesn’t matter that you don’t know how to write a script. It’s your problem, not mine. Unless… you have already done that, and this is why you have a mansion in Tuscany!


Waait. This means I should warn an earlier-future-version of myself, the one who decides to write about young Jean-Luc’s adventures in the first place. If she doesn’t write the script,  you’ll have no pool, no mansion, and no bare chested Chris Hemsworth, Future Me!

You should really start freaking out by now.

Anyway, I better go write to her and save both our asses.

You’re welcome.



PS: This post was inspired by Becky’s letters at HUMYN. You should really check Becky out, her writing is absolutely beautiful.

37 thoughts on “Letters to Myself – Part One

  1. I’m worried that an early version of Picard is going to be a bit too boring. Do you really want to see a teenager sipping his Earl Grey tea, hot! Picard didn’t start growing on me until Q started messing with him, getting him to loosen that collar of his 🙂 But if he sees Biebs and sets his phaser to kill, I’m all for it.

  2. You’ll have to tell us if Future You replies. (And won’t it be properly hilarious if she’s being fanned by a bare chested Justin Bieber with George Michael’s face tattooed across his butt.)

  3. Ahahaha!!! Chris Hemsworth is really not all that, I’ve seen his cousin, I swear that family is a little Thor crazed. Okay fine, he’s as hot as hell dammit. Maybe a teeny weeny bit more 😀

  4. Oh I’ll take a shirtless Chris Evans over the Hemsworth any day! ❤
    Good luck with the script 😛 May the force be with you!! … Oops wrong reference 😛

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