The Baby Chick Joke

Today I will share with you one of my favorite jokes.

I really shouldn’t, because you’ll probably unfollow me. No, seriously, hear me out: I have a knack for telling jokes that are totally and irreparably NOT funny.

I’ve lost (potential) friendships after telling this joke. I wish I were joking, because I’m a master of jest (Dibs on the book title!), but this time, I’m really not.

So, you have been warned. If you wish to proceed, that’s on your own risk, and you can’t unfollow me. Also, you cannot go back. Once you read the joke, that’s it. I wish I could rewind time for you, but that would out me as an alien, and trust me, we’re both not ready for that yet.

*Ahem* Here we go:

There was once a baby chicken born with no anus.

One time it tried to fart, and it blew up.

I can tell this joke in three different languages, by the way.


Es war einmal ein Baby Huhn ohne Anus geboren. Einmal versuchte es zu furzen, und es explodierte.


Era uma vez um pintinho sem cu. Um dia ele foi peidar e explodiu.


Había una vez un polluelo sin ano. Una vez, trató de tirarse un pedo y explotó.

 You’re welcome, mankind.

45 thoughts on “The Baby Chick Joke

  1. See, what you need to do is get involved with the Prince of Persia; then you have him offer Sands of Time to people after hearing the joke, and claim a 30% “finders fee” for his clients. Of course, now that they don’t remember hearing the joke, you can offer to tell it again… and again… and again. Free money, I’m telling you! 😉

  2. Dear Madam_W:

    Why, oh why, did I not heed the warnings? “Go ye no further,” said the sign. “Joke is not funny.” But then I think, “No! That can’t be. The joke MUST be funny, or it wouldn’t be a joke.”

    Then I get mad. “Who is this Madam_W that she thinks she knows what I think is funny? I know funny.” I’m angry!

    I decide, I’ll just discuss this with her. Maybe we can work something out and there’ll be compromise, like, just tell me a few words at a time and we can decide if I want to go further with the joke.

    Then, I’m sad that you think I won’t think it’s funny. I grovel in a dark depression for a few seconds.

    Finally, I’m in acceptance that the joke is tasteless and unfunny. I wander off to contemplate if something that’s not funny can be called a joke. I briefly consider whether to blog about it. I mourn the farting baby chick.

    I thought it was going to be a Why-was-6-afraid-of-7 kind of jokes. Like you see on the side of those waxy paper cups for kids…

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  4. I’m not exactly sure why I giggled like a little school girl at this.. Maybe I should reevaluate my life?….. Nahhhhh. Lol. Thanks for the giggles!

  5. PfffftBWAH. Ohmigod, I come visit your blog and I see this. Love it.

    I also have a fondness for distinctly unfunny jokes. Here’s my favorite, for your collection:

    (Best told in one breath)

    So there’re these two muffins hanging out in an oven. One muffin turns to the other muffin and goes “is it hot in here, or is it just me?” And the other muffin says:

    “Holy shit, it’s a talking muffin.”

    PS–I think Master of Jest is more likely to be a graduate degree.

  6. That’s my kind of joke.
    An even worse one is this (really, really tasteless, possibly offensive, most definitely offensive)

    Q-What did the kid with no arms and no legs get for Christmas?

    It’s so awful. Sorry if anyone wants to kill me now, gallows humor. 😉

  7. As the proud owner of 10 parrots, all of which have anuses, I thought that joke was funny. i can’t wait to tell my friend, Steph cause she will think it is funny too. Julie.

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