Princess Kick-ass

The internet is awesome.

With just a few clicks, I can change my whole online identity. Wait, don’t worry! I’m still your quirky neighborly friend. I’m still me, and you can expect the usual nonsense I so happily provide in my humble virtual lair. Seriously, nothing has changed, nothing that matters at least.

The thing is, I finally came up with a really cool web name that matches my personality. Yes, I have been reborn into pure web awesomeness, for I shall now be named *drums roll please*



Because every woman is a princess.But me? I’m not Princess Buttercup, no,no,no. I’m not Princess Sparkly Roses either, and I’m definitely not Princess Banana Fudge.





Thank you everyone. You may resume your nightly activities.

*In the distance, someone shouts “For fuck’s sake, I stopped having sex for this?”*

Yes, you did, horny dude. Yes, you did.