Being Two Different People

You’re gonna be freaked out by this. *Don’t say I didn’t warn you with a creepy whispery voice*

Being Princess Kickass is awesome. It’s so much cooler than being C.S. Wilde.

C.S. Wilde has to think twice before she writes a post or makes a comment, because she’s supposed to be this serious author (well, as much as she can). You know, that whole “With great power comes great responsibility” yadda yadda, which SUCKS, by the way.

I wanna be free and say dumb shit and do whatever I freaking want. I wouldn’t be Princess Kickass if I didn’t.

In (my) our head, C.S. is talking about gaining a readership, and engaging with readers and marketing strategies, and John Braver and Santana Jones, and she’s talking about this emerald statue in a freaking church, and meanwhile, all I care about is having some sushi and watching Jon Snow’s gloriousness in Game of Thrones, wondering if Kit Harrington would EVER star in Magic Mike, cause it would be so awesome if he lost all that innocence to an older woman, like a cougar, and although I’m some ten years behind becoming a cougar, I’d put all the fake make-up necessary to get that part, and I promise you, JON SNOW WOULD KNOW STUFF WITH ME.

See?  Totally different goals.

Anyway, C.S. is asking me if I wouldn’t mind giving a shout out to her (lame) author blog, because she’s trying to gain a readership to make a living, and it turns out her writing is not thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat bad. Okay, it’s terrible. 

So if you have time, do check her out.

I also made a deal with her. I told her I want my memoirs published at some point in time. She said no, because her memoirs are my memoirs, and I get it, she’s shy, but boy, do we have enough material for a HYSTERICAL memoir.

So I cursed her crops, and her dog, and her cow, and she agreed to write the memoir as long as I lifted the curse. Which I did (and she doesn’t even have a cow, crops, or a dog! Stupid…)

But I can bring the curse back any time I freaking want (especially upon her non-existing cow).

Just needed to remind her of that.

So it’s official people, I ‘m getting my memoirs!

40 thoughts on “Being Two Different People

  1. I guess you haven’t seen the season 5 finale, have you? 😥
    Btw, C.S. Wilde isn’t boring AT ALL! Princess Kickass has the sass and C.S. has the charm. 🙂 I know she has to be somewhat “responsible” but I love that side of her too ^_^

  2. Ok, I won’t hold you to this, but can I have you BOTH sign my copy of the book? 😉 Congratulations! I’m looking forward to it!

  3. I’m totally with you on sushi and Jon Snow. 110% RIGHT. THERE.
    Also, I seriously didn’t know about your other blog. Following RIGHT NOW. [So many caps!]

  4. You added some bright spots to my day. Cursing C.S.’s cow was the ultimate brilliant move on your part. Cows that are cursed can give sour milk, or refuse to give any at all. So where will she get butter and cheese?

  5. Nooooo, don’t curse the cow! The only thing more wonderful than cows is the gentle comforting of their lowing. Uh…I may have grown up on a farm…Anyways, what’s this about a talking St. Benedict statue? I must read that.

  6. What’s this business about a cow, Ms. Hyde? Anyway, I watched the first two videos of that Nick Stephenson series. Changed the Amazon keywords of my Luna the Little Chomper book as he suggested, and I’m trying to alter my subtitle to “a storybook of cute cat pics and dark humor”. According to Nick, that’ll quadruple my daily sales. Unfortunately, multiplying zero ain’t gonna get me anywhere, but I have to try.

      • Okay, I got through all three Nick-vids. He does recommend authors have an email mailing list which offers to give away something for free. You have that! Good job! But when I tried to subscribe, it told me “Too many subscribe attempts for this email address. Please try again in about 5 minutes.” Blah. Get a new mailing list.

        Another thing… it seems his advice in the third video is only appropriate for someone with at least two books. He suggests giving the first one… the best one… away for free, for publicity. And then you get a short story or a second book for free in exchange for the email address. I only have one book. I haven’t tried selling an ebook yet, but maybe I’ll just give it away for free to build up a following. Having a Princess Kickass on my side is substantial, but not at all safe for my cat, so I need to look elsewhere. But I probably do need to put together another story for the mailing list freebie. And then I’ll just use it to advertise my blog for the time being, until I have another book or movie to yap about.

        Lastly, Nick seems like a nice guy, but he’s using too much psychology for my tastes. He could have covered all the important material in all the three videos in about 3 minutes. Everything else is just giving you “background” and “imagine if you were rich and life was perfect” type of stuff. I’m pretty sure he’s gunning for premium subscribers, but still, the points he did make seem good, so I’ll give it a shot.

      • God damn it, Mailchimp! But I got your subscription : ) I have a free account for now, and my number of subscribers is rising exponentially (which is cool, but I might have to start paying Mailchimp soon). And yeah, he does, but I can totally understand him. I would’t give everything away for free, and what he did give for free was pretty good compared to some of the stuff out there. And in his course he really digs deep, step by step and gives you other options. For example: You could put a short-story book for free (like Luna’s day at the Garden, something like that). Then you put the real deal book on Amazon charging whatever you prefer(he also gives advise on pricing in his course, which is great). The magnet (for your subscribers) could be a collection of Luna’s best moments and a small adventure (like Luna goes to Halloween) something like that, or even a movie! This is just an idea, you can really play around with this stuff.

  7. Dear Princess Kick-Ass I am cougar age and I will supy any and all makeup so that you can “learn” John Snow some things! Oh, by the way, congrats on the memoirs! That curse was obviously a deal breaker. Good thing CS is such a chicken shit or you might have gotten the old two finger “what you done to me” reverse-a-curse thrown at you!
    At any rate, you (both) rock (separately and together)!

  8. Hi! I just discovered your blog! I must be kinda slow given that I have been around for six months… about the same time as you. Haha I love your daily ramblings like this. Keep them coming! Who is C.S. by the way? I am getting lost halfway haha.

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