Letters To Myself Part 2: Chocolate

Dear Princess from the future,

Buy some chocolate. You always need chocolate. Trust me on this. Seriously.

Why is there no chocolate inspired superhero, by the way? Like Milkywayman, or Twix of Fate, Mars Attack, The Cruncher…the possibilities are endless here, people.

Anyway, buy some chocolate.

Yours Truly,

Princess from the past

20 thoughts on “Letters To Myself Part 2: Chocolate

  1. Hey welcome back to the bloggosphere! There is no chocolate super hero because in the face of danger they would melt obviously! Unless of course it was the infamous ReesesMan because he sleeps in the freezer!

  2. Well, some chocolate superheroes would be a bad idea. Like Chunkyman. He wouldn’t be pretty. Also, After Eight man – What? Only a superhero after hours?

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