Blogging Coachella: Join the Party!



This is your chance to connect with other bloggers and improve your stats!

Plus you get to bring a celebrity! Why?

Because this is the BLOGGING COACHELLA, people!

All you need to do is drop a comment below with the following:

A) Tell us what your blog is all about.

B) Include a link to your blog.

C) Tell us who you’re bringing to the party.

(I’m bringing Tom Hiddleston. Yes, he’s tied up and scared for his life, but he’s here and that’s what matters, okay? Cool.)

Don’t forget to engage with the participating blogs, and make sure to spread the word <3!

96 thoughts on “Blogging Coachella: Join the Party!

  1. Thank you kindly for the invite, I never miss a party. πŸ˜‰

    What is my blog about? Life, the universe and everything? Love, life, books, TV, movies, Autism, politics, loss, hope, compassion, anything that comes to mind.
    Here’s a post with some blogging advice

    Who am I bringing to the party? Well, since you already brought Tom Hiddleston – can he breathe with that gag on? Hmmm, this is a Coachella I’ll bring Chris Pratt and he can sing and dance to entertain us. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the invite, I’ll pop back later and check out more bloggers. πŸ™‚

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  3. My blog can be found at:
    what is it about? That is actually a really good question! It was supposed to be where I would showcase my writing, but it is actually turned into a place where I post random thoughts, ideas, and reviews… Follow if you like all kinds of things to read πŸ™‚

    I think that I am going to bring Jared Leto to the party, just because… Well just because we can bring who we like :-p

  4. Sometimes you have to put aside the bad realities of the day and look at the possibilities of the future. Kick back, grab a glass of wine and feel good. I am the alternative to the evening news.
    Today’s bad reality, they took away my zero to hero guide. New possibilities…. Blogging Coachella.
    My blog is designed to help me become a better writer and to inspire others to look for the best in life, spiritually that is. I write fairy tales and fantasy with a strong emphasis in communicating with those who have crossed over.
    Blogging Coachella appearing at my moment of need is such a great example of “ask for it and it will appear!.
    (can’t figure out how to link)
    I am bringing Robin Williams, I can because I talk to spirits .

  5. My blog is titled Gnawly Inc. and it is a place where I post my photography, and talk about life issues or ideas and dreams and things I feel like should be shared and talked about! It’s a place where I just express my passion and love for this art! Now.. Who would I bring?? Easy! Ronda Rousey! The men would bow to her and let us cut them in line or give us their water (Because it is HELL there..) and women would either fear her or worship her! Hahaha either way.. I think it would be fun!

  6. Hi I’m Droehr from the planet Yzorb and I write about world domination. Please be noted that when I become the president of the world, all of you will get a lifetime supply of pizza. Pizza is love, pizza is life.

    Ukh, I wish this was true. I’m Abeeha (A.B in short) and my blog used to be all about movies, books, shows and everything else people do to be a couch potahto, but recently I’ve also started to write about regular mundane things of my very ordinary life. Now you’re wishing that first para were true!

    Still if you wanna follow me and become a part of my WordPress family, here’s the link:
    [Note: All followers get a free virtual hug from me]

    And for the celebrity invite, I’m bringing Hans Zimmer. I know he doesn’t drop “mad beats” but he will be DJ’ing for the party whether you like it or not πŸ˜›

  7. Hi there! Thank you for the invitation!
    My website is a life balance blog designed to help people create balance in their lives and create more joy and harmony and ditch the stress.
    I’m totally bringing Aaron Paul. I’m sure he’d drop everything to join me 😳 haha
    Imogen ❀️

  8. Hi. Thanks for the invite. I’m going to be one of those guests who stops by, then must rush away all too soon to deal with “work.” In this case, reading submissions for a sf/f/df anthology to be published by Pole to Pole Publishing.
    My blog, Whimsical Words – , is about writing, art, publishing, science fiction, fantasy, nature, magic, etc. Actually, it’s about whatever strikes me as interesting.
    And to the party I’m bringing Johnny Depp (if only!)

  9. Thank you, Princess Kick Ass!
    My blog is here:
    Who knows what it’s about. I’ve been posting for over two years and I still remain confused about it. BUT – I do have my original music posted there, some recipes and Tuesdays are usually about embarrassing moments I’ve had with the opposite sex. Oh yeah, I’m taking Charlize Theron to the party. Why? Well, she’s having a hard time finding a date and I had nothing else planned. πŸ˜€

    BTW, don’t let Madonna know I’m here.

    Thanks again for the invitation!


  10. Greetings and Salutations! Thank you for inviting me to the party! I come bearing gifts: Gluten & Tree Nut Free Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies! Sorry not a baker so umm yeah no recipe…only crumbs around my mouth lol!
    My blog is 4 months old so you may detect Similac on my breath but I think you’ll find something that catches your eye! I write candidly about faith and love. Some spoken word and untraditional Devotionals are there as well!

    Till we meet again,


    PS: I’m inviting Sabrina, Poetik & Marquessa but ssshhh it’s a surpriseπŸ˜‰

  11. Take a normal girl child, raise her on a steady diet of Universal Horror, Robert Heinlein and the Marx Brothers, shake well, infect with the travel bug and turn her loose on an unsuspecting world.

    Galaxy Jane Cruises the Universe

    Thanks for hosting, I love meeting new people, particularly when I can do it from the safety of my comfy couch.

    I brought Christopher Lee, who’s not only the best Dracula ever, but a real life badass. And a metalhead into his 90s.

  12. Reblogged this on GalaxyJane Cruises the Universe and commented:
    Another fabulous opportunity to meet new bloggers, hang out and have fun. Check out Princess Kick-Ass’s site while you are there, for some fabulous humor and make sure you share the love by checking out a few of the bloggers there. Because everybody loves a good party!

  13. Thanks for the invite – I like a good party! Right now, my blog is mainly a place to empty my head of different fiction ideas rolling around in my head. And in time, I would like to share more personal experiences. You can find my blog at .
    As for the celebrity I would like to bring to the party…Stephen Amell. I could stare at him all day long. And through the side door, I wplan on sneaking in K E Garland, Altocumu and GenesisWrights. Looking forward to checking out all you bloggers here!

  14. Thanks so much for the invite! My blog mostly includes moments in life written as narrative nonfiction. Sometimes when I think about them long enough, I also come up with a pretty cool, original quote.

    I’m bringing Kanye West to this party because I almost love him more than he loves himself…who am I kidding? Nobody loves Kanye more than he loves himself πŸ˜‰

  15. Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

    The main objective of my blog (Mathemagical Site) is to show you the lighter side of math. It has fun puzzles, mental math, math tricks, math jokes and other types of recreational math. Recently, I’ve also added some fun nonmath topics to promote some variety. Visit my blog at:

    I am bringing in Vladimir Putin just for the hell of it…

  16. I come here bringing myself and maybe some of my readers πŸ™‚
    I do blog about things that I do enjoy in my life. It’s a mixed up blog with broad topic to cover and you can find anything about entertainment, thoughts, technology, food, health, and tips(mostly about WordPress). Thank you for inviting me here!

  17. Blogging Coachella!! Thanks for the invite Princess! This is so fun.

    My site,, is my heart pouring itself out with my mind giving it the structure of poems/prose and short stories.

    And I’m bringing Adam Levine, just because he is so talented, funny, and has that gruffy tatted look. Smiling.

  18. Hi everyone! I don’t… precisely get this (isn’t Coachella a music festival?)… but sure, it sounds fun!

    I blog at, mostly as just a place to put all the things I’d be writing yesterday. I post (almost) every day–Sundays are my ongoing psychochronographic study of the DC Animated Universe, Tuesdays in-character blogging by my Star Trek Online character, Wednesdays are vlogs (I’m covering Steven Universe in three-episode chunks right now), Fridays fiction (fan or original as the mood strike me), and Saturdays are group liveblogs of various shows (currently My Little Pony every week and Vision of Escaflowne or Sailor Moon Crystal on alternating weeks). Mondays and Thursdays are grab-bags.

    Hmm, who do I bring… got it! Christina Ricci, because Wednesday.

  19. Oh, go on, I’ll throw my hat into the ring. Is a blog containing the three Rs: ranting, reviewing and writing. I can’t sum it all up, but recent posts have included ‘conspiracy theory is dead’ and ten really smashing ways to promote your novel (which includes faking your own death). I don’t know what any of it’s about, but I do know it’s also a shameless bit of self-promotion with a link you must not click on. . . .

    Thanks for the invite.


  20. I moved onto a 36′ sailboat last year, with 0 experience and have plans to circumnavigate in 3 years. It’s kind of like a learning cliff, and i’m halfway through an extensive refit. My blog is and is mainly maintenance and me breaking stuff and getting covered in sewage!

    Bringing Ellen MacArthur

  21. Hello, everyone! I have a fairly new blog as well and would love to join the party. I’m bringing Ellen DeGeneres… because it’s Ellen.. for fun, for dancing and for the instant props I would get for doing so. For man-candy, I’ll bring David Beckham. You’re welcome!

    My blog is mostly about the funny moments that occur in the regular day-to-day life of an irregular person. I say mostly, because the other posts are about grief, loss and situational depression. Check me out at:

  22. Hey, hey, hey! What do we have in here? I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella. But, poor me, I can’t even get out of the country. Anyway, my precious baby blog is all about being random and occasionally weird πŸ˜‰ Link? πŸ˜€

    I’m bringing Christian Grey, by the way! Jamie Dornan ❀

  23. A party? And I was invited? You guys sure? *squints at the invite* There’s not another Kaine Andrews somewhere who was supposed to come, and now can’t, because this lurpy Scottish cripple got his card?

    Ah well. His loss. I’m Kaine Andrews, and over on my home planet ( I talk about the writing process, post bits of my fiction (primarily horror, but there’s a little bit of everything coming out of my word processor. Including peanut butter) and sometimes rant at or review books, movies or video games.

    Oh, my guest? Her? Yeah. I brought Rebel Wilson. She didn’t seem inclined to answer my phone calls, so I might have had to resort to drastic measures. Don’t mind the duct tape. Yeah, I know she’s not being as funny as usual. Some kind of allergic reaction to the chloroform, I think. Hmm. I’m sure she’ll snap out of it. Once the hypnotist is done. I heard Putin was coming. Maybe he can get his KGB agents to test their brainwashing techniques… hmm.

    (PS: Thanks for the opportunity. XD)

  24. Wonderful idea, thanks for organizing it I was going to bring Kaine Andrews because in the future he’s a huge celeb, famous author etc but since he’s already here I chose Edgar Allan Poe (time travel does have it’s perks). My blog is an afterthought to life.. it has no theme and even I don’t know what it going to pop up there next. My blog is here =

  25. Thanks for the opportunity! I like writing about everything weird – animals, science, history. Plus some strange tales and rants. If you learn something new and have a chuckle or two, I consider that a job well done.

    As for my celebrity, I’m bringing Peter Dinklage! Then we can watch game of Thrones together and it would be epic.

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  27. Hey, I love this! I’m late but I’ll do it anyway πŸ™‚

    I write about musings on life and work. I try to take my experiences into inspirational posts…I have an odd sense of humor and it tends to come through on my blog

    The celebrity I’m bringing to the party is definitely Tony Goldwyn. I’m infatuated with him at the moment (yes unfortunately I’m one of those kind of people).

  28. Hey, I love this. I’m late but I’ll do it.
    I write about my musings in life and work. I try to turn my experiences into inspirational posts. I bring my odd sense of humor to my blog

    I’d like to bring Tony Goldwyn to the party. I’m infatuated with him at the moment *sad me*.

  29. Thanks for the invite I am pretty new to WP but not to blogging although it feels like it here sometimes! My blog can be found at
    and it is a mind body soul fitness blog to sum it all up. It is all about balance, self love, awareness, empowerment, faith and reaching goals and making dreams a reality…moving above and beyond, the breaking point!!!!

    I invite Olga, Danie, Zadryg & Curves Become Her πŸ˜‰

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