Princess Kick-ass

The internet is awesome.

With just a few clicks, I can change my whole online identity. Wait, don’t worry! I’m still your quirky neighborly friend. I’m still me, and you can expect the usual nonsense I so happily provide in my humble virtual lair. Seriously, nothing has changed, nothing that matters at least.

The thing is, I finally came up with a really cool web name that matches my personality. Yes, I have been reborn into pure web awesomeness, for I shall now be named *drums roll please*



Because every woman is a princess.But me? I’m not Princess Buttercup, no,no,no. I’m not Princess Sparkly Roses either, and I’m definitely not Princess Banana Fudge.





Thank you everyone. You may resume your nightly activities.

*In the distance, someone shouts “For fuck’s sake, I stopped having sex for this?”*

Yes, you did, horny dude. Yes, you did.

38 thoughts on “Princess Kick-ass

  1. *bows to the Princess* No interruption here…unfortunately! I was in REM sleep after cleaning up after the kids….

  2. I just read your ‘profanity’ blog and the first thing I read here was ‘With just a few dicks.’ … maybe I should have my eyes checked. Either that or my brains. Anyways, welcome to this world, Princes Kick-Ass. Have a prophet-able day – The False Prophet

  3. I had heard that when you change your domain/URL on WP you lose all your followers :O Did you know about that or did you just went all Russian Roulette on it and took a chance? O_o

    • Russian Roulette, cause that’s how I roll hehe. Actually, much to my surprise, I still got my followers and everything is just as it was (I only changed the domain name, I didn’t make a new one)

      • Woah, that was a huge risk. But I’m so glad everything is still intact for you! And I did quite a lot of research on this topic and 90% of the people said that when they changed their domain name they lost 100% of their followers. That’s a horrifying thought.

      • Nah they must have done something wrong…I went to the “Tools” option and clicked “Delete site”. Then WordPress asks you if you didn’t want to change your site’s web address, so I clicked that option and then voila.
        Web site changed. Though you need to update your gravatar and your wordpress info (I know, it doesn’t link properly) so people still find your new website.

      • Oh so that’s how.. Yeah people weren’t doing it this way.. Well if I ever feel the need to change something in my blog, I’ll come running to you for guidance, Sensei 😉

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